No Hinge. No Metal. No Breakage!

CarlyClip No3 is now available! 

New Design. Same Functionality.

Surprise! Surprise! Introducing

CarlyClip 12" aka CarlyClip Maxi

Why Choose Us?


I love wearing the CarlyClip. I think it is the most safe protective styling tool on the market for textured hair types. Why? Because it made without a hinge or metal so that our kinky, curly, natural or thick wavy hair will not break or snap. Our hair types usually wants to become one with our hair accessories by quickly wrapping around it and then causing our hair to break when removing e.g. rubber bands, standard banana clips, cotton scrunchies, etc. 

I want to thank my CarlyClip customers for purchasing the original CarlyClip and being so patient with me while I was "quietly" developing better quality CarlyClip that I and my customers can be very proud to wear and recommend/gift to others. Coming Soon!!! 

Yes, I am now selling the CarlyClip No3 (an enhanced version of the original that I carefully researched and designed based on customers' requests/desires).  BTY...The original CarlyClip is made in America and was born just outside of Minneapolis, MN. CarlyClip No3 is finished here in America by Yours Truly so it genuinely has a handmade element. The original version aka second version is still being sold on my Etsy store:

As New introductory products, I am excited to offer Free Shipping for a limited time only on all U.S. orders. And, 10% of each order will support a select charity. I plan to rotate the charity each quarter and feature them on my new CarlyClip informational website: www.CarlyClip.Info.

I know this testimonial maybe considered cheating but my Aunt Mary is a true CarlyClip supporter meaning 1.) she wears the CarlyClip after her silk press gets thicker and she keeps it handy while vacationing 2.) she recommends the CarlyClip to her circle of influence 3.) she models the CarlyClip (as pictured) 4.) she's recommended three "super models" for me. Is this not a true CarlyClip fan?Thank you Aunt Mary!!! BTY...Check out real CarlyClip Reviews on my Etsy page: or search CarlyClip (one word).  

Aunt Mary
Chicago Wife, Mother, and retired Computer Analyst

About Us


Owner, Product Developer

Carlyn is a curly/kinky who had a hard time finding a hairstylist (especially in college towns) to do her full kinky/curly (3c-4z) hair. Because Carlyn was a Graduate Teaching Assistant working on her doctorate, she needed to maintain a well-kempt appearance. She opted for a professional bun hairstyle but could not find ponytail holders that would hold her textured hair in place without breakage or slippage. Out of frustration and tired of using many Bobby pins, she decided to create her own ponytail holder. This is how the CarlyClip was born.

CLR Enterprise’s mission is to introduce a line of hair-care accessories that will not pull, break, or damage natural, kinky, coily, curly or thick textured hair but will provide a quick and safe way to style hair for any occasion. Our continued goal is to make the CarlyClip synonymous with quality, durability, hair-safety and curly/kinky hair.